Tuesday, January 06, 2009

You Really Wanna Know Why We Call You Black GOP Peeps Sellouts?

Two weeks ago I was channel surfing and stumbled across an interview that Michael Steele was having about the 2008 election and why the Republicans can't attract African-Americans to their party.

Usually anytime I see his mug on a TV screen or any of his fellow conservative Stepford Negroes I'm clicking past the channel, but for some reason this time I stayed tuned in. After hearing him complain about why Blacks in the GOP are considered 'sellouts' and ones in the Democratic Party aren't, I'd had all I could stand and flipped it to CNN.

Well Mike, since you asked the question, let Moni school you on why we call y'all sellouts.

It's because you and your friends repeatedly show more loyalty to the conservative movement and your bank accounts than you do for your people.

Exhibit A- Chip Saltzman sending out a CD that included the Rush Limbaugh fave song Barack The Magic Negro. Newt Gingrich sharply criticized it, but not you sellout Negroes. All I've heard from all thirty six of you Black Republicans about this issue was silence.

Oops, my bad. Ken Blackwell spoke about the controversy and what was his response? He dismissed it as "hypersensitivity."

Your reluctance to say anything about it wouldn't happen to be because you and Mikey Steele are running for the RNC chair?

But then again Kenny Boy, I lost whatever modicum of respect I had for you in 2004 when you helped steal Ohio for Bush. You not only as Ohio Secretary of State did everything possible to make it difficult for African-Americans to vote in that election, you suppressed 166,000 provisional ballots to do it.

Don't even get me started on Uncle Thomas, that's another post.

The Black female Republicans aren't much better. Condoleezza Rice has been their poster child since this century began and that's a whole 'nother post as well. Others such as Tara Wall and Amy Holmes are basically young, pretty Black faces regurgitating the same tired conservative talking points that white male conservatives have echoed ad nauseum for years.

Ann Coulter's skinny scarecrow looking behind has attacked Michelle Obama in her latest waste of trees masquerading as a book, and I have yet to hear any Negro female conservative call her azz out for it, much less rise to the First Lady to be's defense.

Ann's jealous because deep down, she ain't even 1/1000th of the woman that Michelle Obama is, with or without her jaw wired shut.

One thing I will say for some Republican sistahs. They will call crap out or do what's best for the community when they get fed up. I remember when the late Colorado Secretary of State Vikki Buckley, who won a historic election in 1995 as a Republican and was asked to chair the party's African-American recruitment efforts, blasted the party in 1999 for not taking it seriously.

Sheryl Underwood openly supported Barack Obama in this election cycle and even Condoleezza Rice makes statements at times that make me wonder if she stopped practicing the piano long enough to actually watch some of the protest activity that was going on in Birmingham.

But to answer the original question, when you start doing what's right by our people and not what's right wing, then we'll stop calling y'all sellouts.



Hey Monica!

Daaaang you really went all the way THERE!!

I'm a Republican and I don't always toe the party line and I don't agree with everything Republicans say or do....but I don't agree with all that Dems say or do either...

I think that there is an assumption made about black Republicans that BEING Republican means that they have decided to swallow the entire meal that the Republicans are serving up...

Do all of the Dems swallow the entire meal the Dems are serving up?

There are a HANDFUL of black Republicans who have media attention and somehow that tiny handful becomes the "face" and the "voice" for every black Republican in the nation in the minds of the general public.

Whatever those five say is what ALL blacks assume that every black Republican is all about...


Monica Roberts said...

Let's just say growing up in Texas the GOP ain't my favorite political party for a lot of reasons.

In the Northeast US Republican= moderate fiscal conservative.

In Texas GOP=racist, bigoted neo- fascist anti-civil rights, anti- everythang white male run party.

The Democrats I had the pleasure to be represented by in the Lone Star State were Barbara Jordan, Mickey Leland, Ken and Lloyd Bentsen, Lee P. Brown, Kathy Whitmire, Ann Richards...well you get the picture.

The only decent Black Republican I met during my formative years was Ken Burrough, and they kept repeatedly passing him over for leadership spots in the local Harris County GOP.

The Texas GOP spent more time, especially after Tom Delay and his thugs took over in 1984 trying to SUPPRESS my vote than wondering what they could do to WIN my vote.

e^10 said...

Keep in mind that there will always be a few in every minority or oppressed group who think of themselves as being better than those who share that same characteristic. Not to go all Godwin's Law on you, but even under the Third Reich there were Jews who wrote to Hitler explaining why they were exceptions to the Nuremberg Laws, unlike those others. Given that even under such extreme circumstances there would be people who would do such a thing, the Ken Blackwells and Condis of this world don't surprise me at all.

Monica Roberts said...

Sin Nombre,
And that's who this post was aimed at.