Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

As if it weren't bad enough we had the snow here, we're now dealing with a nasty ice storm as well.

We've had rain falling with temps at the freezing mark for almost 24 hours and it's already starting to cause problems with our local power grid. According to the roomies, we briefly lost power in the crib, so I have to reset the clocks in my room.

It could be worse. We have sections of town, and southern Kentucky dealing with no power at all as I type this.

The city crews have been on the job. They've gone through almost 500 tons of salt so far and have done a bang up job keeping the roads clear.

I also live in a section of town that has lots of trees. Pretty to look at, but not when they're coated with ice and we just had the remnants of Ike blow through here a few months ago. Whatever branches on those trees that were weakened by Ike's 70 mph winds back in September but didn't fall will probably snap under the weight of a few inches of ice.

Oops, right on cue just heard a large branch snap on my next door neighbor's tree.

Hmm, may need ice skates to get to work tomorrow.


VĂ©ro B said...

Hope you don't lose power and can stay warm! Ice storms are the worst.

This has been a weird winter all over.

Monica Roberts said...

Lady V,
So far so good. Lights flickered for a minute or two after I arrived home, heard a few nearby tree limbs crashing under the weight of ice, and a transformer pop somewhere in the neighborhood, but still have power for now.

It's finally moving out of the area, so that's good news.

Now if the temps would only get above freezing.

Flrarginergarivb said...

Glad to hear you've not lost power, that's always a real pain, and triply so when it's freezing outside.

That being said, I'm still fascinated by snow and ice and sorta wish I could just pull up stakes and move to somewhere colder. Stupid housing market. grumble grumble.