Monday, January 19, 2009

Villager's January 2009 Black Blog Rankings

The Electronic Villager has released the January 2009 edition of the Black Blog rankings, so let's check them out and see how TransGriot fared.

The rankings continue to grow with 1575 blogs now ranked, an increase of 59 blogs since the December 20 holiday edition of the BBR rankings.

The Number One BBR ranked blog is still Pam's House Blend, who was nominated as a Weblog Awards Best LGBT Blog finalist for the fourth straight year.

I fell short of my goal of having a 150 Technorati ranking by January 1, but I did achieve my goal of being in the BBR Top 50 blogs before that date.

My new goal is to be in the BBR Top 25 blogs and have a Technorati ranking of 200 by my May 4 birthday. One unexpected pleasure was being nominated for and becoming a 2008 Weblog Awards finalist for Best GLBT blog.

So how did I do?

As of the January 1 compilation date for this edition of the BBR's TransGriot gained one spot since the holiday rankings. I was sitting at Number 46 with a 144 Technorati ranking.

My Technorati ranking is still tripping, but I'm still in the BBR Top 50 Blogs. Hopefully by next month's rankings whatever drams happening with my Technorati ranking will straighten itself out and begin to actually reflect the progress I've made toward building this into a quality blog.


Unknown said...

Happy America Monica! Thank you for sharing your blogging goals with your readers ... and for supporting the Black Blog Rankings.

I just looked and it appears that your blog is now over 150 technorati authority!

Keep doin' what you're doin'!

peace, Villager

Renee said...

I am sure that you are going to get there. Transgriot is awesome, and you know how much respect I have not only for you but for what you do.

Monica Roberts said...

Village, Renee,
You know I love and respect you both as people and as blogging role models.

The BBR"s are a measuring stick that's a FUBU production, and as such, I wish to do my part in helping it to grow and be just as relevant as any other blogosphere metric.