Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Damn Gay People, Can A Brother Get Inaugurated Before You Write Him Off?

One of the things that's not sitting well with me right now is seeing some elements of the liberal-progressive side and especially the GLBT blogosphere criticizing President-elect Obama before he's even had a chance to take the oath of office.

Several GLBT bloggers have already declared in their wisdom that he's the worst president on GLBT issues since Clinton, he doesn't care about us, and other bullshit du jour they can come up with.

I note that most of the criticism is coming from those same mostly white GLBT peeps who supported Hillary in the Dem primary.

Note to the GLBT Obama haters: Hillary lost and y'all need to get over it. She got over it enough to become his Secretary of State.

Like a lot of African-Americans I'm still more than a little peeved about the disgusting display of racism that erupted in the white GL community after the Prop 8 lass and the continued harping on the now thoroughly discredited 'Blacks Voted 70% for Prop 8 line' that some peeps used as justification for letting their race based animus flow.

Once again, I'm not saying that President Obama should be immune to criticism. What I and the African-American community are talking about here is simple fairness. We see it as shady that you're blasting the man before he's even taken the oath of office and had time to prove what type of president he'll be for the GLBT community. Hell, y'all gave George W. Bush's idiot savant behind more slack than you're giving the presidential brother.

Oops, need to apologize to all idiot savants for comparing them to Bush. You're far more intelligent than he is.

The bottom line is that Barack Obama by this time next week will be our president. All I and those of us who supported him from Day One ask for is that you give this man the same opportunity to prove what he can do for the GLBT community that you gave the previous non-Black occupants of the Oval Office from both parties.


Oliver A. FP said...


For Bush, where'd you get the "savant" part? Shoe-dodging, perhaps. The only skill a president needs.

Stacy Hackenberg said...

Obama may become a victim of his own high expectations. I voted for him and have every hope that he will be the man we need in office and more.
I've seen the same bashing on LGBT sites. They are so single issue focused that they cannot see the bigger picture. I know why they have such a focus but they cannot reasonably expect Obama to answer all their prayers when he has to deal with the economy, two wars, and the Gaza-Israeli crisis just to start off. Give the man a break.

Chloe Prince said...

I agree we should give the man a chance - no matter what race he is. One thing I do not care for is labling the poresident as a black or white man... he is "OUR" president, period - NOT a black or the black people's president.

Labling him as a black president, or a "brother," sets him into a special interest group and distances him from others.

I voted for Obama, as did the majority of the country. NOT because he was black, but because he was openly supportive to LGBt people, and that if presented to him, he would pass the ENDA Bill. I could ccare less if he was a muslim, christian, black, mix, or whatever - makes no matter.

Give the president a chance to prove him self. The Clintons already proved to the nation what they are and were exposed for it... Hilary included.

Wonder Man said...

Thank you, for this post. I feel the same way. It is disheartening to read gay blogs bash Obama for no real reason. We need to judge later or "after we read the book". It's ironic how we hate to be judged, and yet look at what's happening now.

Monica Roberts said...

Yes he belongs to and represents the nation, but 'Brother President' is EXACTLY what he is, no disrespect to the White, Latino/a's, and Asians who voted for his as well.

He is the first, and hopefully not the last president to share my cultural heritage and I and many African-Americans are extremely proud of that fact.

VĂ©ro B said...

He is the first, and hopefully not the last president to share my cultural heritage and I and many African-Americans are extremely proud of that fact.

I just realized that there has never been a Franco-American president of the United States! So no one of my ethnic heritage has been in the White House. Now I'm feeling ripped off. :)

Anonymous said...


Go Go Jo Jo said...

Note to the GLBT Obama haters: Hillary lost and y'all need to get over it. She got over it enough to become his Secretary of State.

hahah yes!

troy said...

The LGBT community has finally got a place at the table, and now they want to bitch about the menu. When Hillary conceded defeat, I immediately, if begrudgingly, backed Obama. Begrudgingly until I got to know his politics and character a bit better. I have not looked back. I am so happy that Obama will be our president and think Hillary will be a fantastic SoS.
There is so much attention on Obama right now. Probably because the ethos of the nation desperately wants to see the end of the Bush Era.
We elected him to do a job. He's not even been inaugurated yet. Let him make the choices he needs to make, and let us trust him to do the right thing.

Monica Roberts said...

If you really want to see how off the chain they are, check out Queerty. They're calling me everything but a child of God for daring to speak out about their hypocrisy.

Note to the Queerty folks who thought they were insulting when they compared me to Jasmyne Cannick.

Frankly I consider that an honor to be compared to her.

Dale said...

If you really want to see how off the chain they are, check out Queerty.

The sexism of some the comments was the first thing to to strike me. But benighted racial attitudes were close behind. Fortunately, we were spared the transphobic remarks I kept expecting.

Monica's article, and the Queerty comments, remind me of a saying:
"If you want to have allies, you have to be an ally." As a community, we can't expect others to work for us, if we aren't first willing to work with them.

The excessive criticism (some deserved, but the degree has been way off the chart) of Obama doesn't help our community, in the short run or in the long run.

Unknown said...

dunno about all the white lgbt progressives attacking Obama. many of his critics are NYC lgbt AfricanAmericans and Latinos, yes, the diehard Hillary supporters. I think I understand Obama's method.. he is not yet President. And, I do not think he wants to get caught up in big gay dramas at the jumpstart.. as Clinton did in 1992. Organizers did not do their homework on Prop 8. I think many lgbt activists live in the rarefied gay ghettos where much is OK.. but this is a big country.
Actually, I am so pleased this week by the appointments of David Medina as chief of staff to the new First Lady. And, wow!!! the appointment of a gay man to the Federal Office of Personnel. Now that is a smack to the wingnut ideologues of the past 8 years.
I think that most of Obama's criticisms will come from the left as he has moved center. I think it is his method but not his heart.
The group labeling, by the way. Bush appointed so many conservative Black Republicans, was that a wellspring of support among African Americans.
Most of all I am so happy to be living through this historic time! Wow!

AndrewT said...

There are many African Americans who are upset with Obama. And why should we wait till Jan 20 to start criticizing Obama? He is making his positions very clear now by his cabinet picks, for starters. I was very critical of Hillary Clinton from day one of the campaign, two years ago. I am equally critical of her as secretary of state. I find unconscionable Obama's stance on Israel and his support behind AIPAC. The Israeli government has been and is continuting to be propped up the the American government. The nations of Africa have lost millions and millions of people due to genocide...ethnic cleansing. To stand by Israel, while ethnic cleansing is happening in Palestine is deplorable, and you damn better know that I will speak out against Obama. His position is no different than Bush. Is it OK that I criticize Bush but not Obama? To interject race here is totally ludicrous and counterproductive. I will be speaking out against Obama as long as he supports imperialism anywhere in the world....Yes that includes Israel

Monica Roberts said...

Where are they? The ones I talk to are deliriously happy he's about to take the oath of office, and once again, like I do see this as an issue of simple fairness.

I laugh at the fact that gay people have jumped all over the fact that I dared single them out for their hypocrisy, but failed to note that never advocated in that post that Obama was above criticism.

What I take issue with was the excessive criticism cloaking their racism or saying the man wouldn't be sensitive to GLBT issues.