Friday, January 30, 2009

The Shut Up Fool! Awards

I'm initiating a new feature on TransGriot today to add to your blogging pleasure.

Every Friday I'll pass out the 'Shut Up Fool! Award. They will go to the person or persons that say the stupidest, most asinine crap during the previous week.

There were many worthy honorees I could have chosen for this week's award, and I know you're anxious to find out who won, so let's get to the nominees for this week inaugural award.

Rush Limbaugh must be swallowing the OxyContin again and drinking Republican red hateraid from 55 gallon drums. He's said he 'hopes Obama fails', and after getting slammed by fellow conservatives and others, has been trying to spin the comment ever since.

There's the ongoing soap opera with Rod Blagojevich, and please Illinois legislature, impeach the idiot, remove him from office and get him the help he needs because his 15 minutes of fame was up a long time ago.

Ann Coulter for her latest waste of trees and the asinine comments she made on The View that single mothers were 'raising criminals'. She forgot that she was saying it in front of single mother Whoopi Goldberg, who ripped her a new anus.

But this week's winner is Faux News sellout Juan Williams, who called First Lady Michelle Obama 'Stokely Carmichael in a dress'.

This meme of trying to paint the First Lady as the second coming of Angela Davis is getting old from you conservatives.

That's who I chose this week. Any comments? Were there other peeps you think should have won it? Discuss.


Go Go Jo Jo said...

ummm... i am in love with this segment. also:

This meme of trying to paint the First Lady as the second coming of Angela Davis is getting old from you conservatives.

see my issue with this (phenomenon) is that it makes it seem like there would be something *wrong* with her being the next angela davis. angela davis is a bad ass chick who was promoting community uplift, supported women's rights, lgbt rights and is currently doing her best to keep america informed about the prison industrial complex.

(she also wrote the book that was the basis for a research project that changed my life and clarified views on gender and sexuality for black women)

okay i love angela davis. we get it.

BUT i also love FIRST LADY Michelle O. and this slander bullshit is pissing me off.

you know who is like stockley carmichael in a dress? my foot up a dumb mofo's ass. that's who.

*grumble*dumb ass black men afraid of strong black women. probably thought something like "she's emasculating barack" in his empty ass head*grumble.

Monica Roberts said...

Jo Jo,
So do I. Had the pleasure of briefly meeting Dr. Davis at a local event here in Da Ville when Carla Wallace was donating so mone for an Audre Lorde chair at U of L.

Dr Davis was a visiting professor here at the time.

As someone who was a toddler for much of the 60's, a teen during the 70's and who owns a black beret, I find the history of that period fascinating.

Jackie said...

Monica, "Shut Up Fool Award" this is brilliant! I love it!
You picked some worthy nominees for the first prize. Yes, Juan should win because he ought to know better. What an idiot.
Rush should get the lifetime achievement SUF award right off the bat.
Blago made such a passionate speech and then got the loudest SUF! from the Illinois senate.
Well done Monica. I will be waiting each week for the next honoree.

Jackie said...

OH, and Ann (crazy as hell) Coulter will be in the running quite often, I'm sure.

Go Go Jo Jo said...

@Monica of course she taught briefly at U of H. the story of my life is finding out that writers/activist/musicians that i love (who are rarely of my generation) have been were i am but you know five to ten years ago. :0( i almost applied to UC Davis simply so that I could go to school with her and possibly work on a project with her. (Ultimately I decided to go wherever was best for my work though and not my
'intellectual' crush.)

Anyway, wasn't it exciting when you heard the news about Blago's removal? 59-0, unanimous. Wow! How he *must* feel like a jackass.

Monica Roberts said...

Right now Clarence Thomas and George W Bush are running neck and neck for lifetime achievement SUF Awards

Jo Jo
Laughed my butt off. Dude can't even run for dog catcher in IL.

Tera said...


You had me scared there for a nanosecond. I was like, "Dude! Did she just diss *Angela Davis*?" But then I saw how silly I was.

(Full disclosure: like Jo Jo, I have an intellectual crush on Dr. Davis).

Love the new feature. The inaugural edition sets the bar pretty high (uh, low?).

Monica Roberts said...

Hey not resting on my laurels. I want this blog to get even better.