Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Prez Is Headed To Canada

When President Obama makes his first international trip on February 19 the destination will be Canada.

Typically the first international trip most US presidents take is to Canada because of the special relationship and it's our largest trading partner.

The itinerary has yet to be finalized, but Ottawa is definitely one of the stops. The Canadian Parliament won't be sitting during the week of the visit, so it's unlikely that President Obama will get to address them as 50 other world leaders have done unless something changes.

PM Harper stated on Wednesday, "This is a testament, not just to the size of our trading relationship and the closeness of our alliance, but also the strength of our friendship,"

The expected topics to be discussed during this visit are in addition to the economy, plans for a North American climate-change policy, energy, trade, border issues and Afghanistan.


VĂ©ro B said...

I hope Obama can have a good influence on Harper. "Steve" could use some good influence.

I didn't realize Parliament wouldn't sitting. That's a bummer.

Monica Roberts said...

We can only hope ;)