Friday, October 03, 2014

What's The Latest News About Canada's C-279?

Canadian SenateLike my Canadian trans cousins, I've been keeping track of what is happening with C-279, the trans human rights bill that passed the Canadian House of Commons last year but has been stonewalled in the Conservative controlled Senate.

And the Conservative Party needs to be called out on it.

When I last checked the Senate website, it passed Second Reading on June 6 and was referred to committee before the Senate went on their summer break.

It is now awaiting action in the Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs, which is no longer chaired by Liberal Sen. Mobina Jaffer, but Conservative Sen. Bob Runciman.

We'll see if the bill gets the fair hearing it did when Sen. Jaffer chaired the committee, much less gets out of committee and back to the Senate floor for third reading, passage and royal assent to become Canadian law

The world is watching Canadian senate.  Do the right thing, not the right wing thing.

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