Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Go Vote!

I'm going to be haunting you until November 4 to take your soul to the polls for this critical midterm election.

In Texas, early voting ends on Halloween. Treat yourself to quality political representation, not political tricks that don't care about working class people.

Why not make it easy on yourself and choose from early voting centers spread all over the county and do your civic duty?  Once the early voting period ends on Friday evening, you'll have to go to your regular precinct on Tuesday.

So handle your electoral business and take a few ghouls and goblins, er your friends with you.

Because truth is, the prospect of Dan Patrick and other Teapublicans getting legislative power scares the crap out of me.  And how many times do you have to see it before you get the point that you will NEVER get liberal-progressive polices from a conservative legislator who hates the government?

We can do better.   We must do better.  The GOP has had 20 years to run this state and they have 
proven to be incapable of governing it.

Handle your electoral business.  Go vote!

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