Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Happy Birthday Dee Dee!

Dee Dee WattersI met her last year at a trans POC meeting, and it has been a blessing to me and the city of Houston.  

Ever since we met, we have been collaboratively working on projects that have benefited our community as our personal friendship has exponentially grown.  One of those projects we were working on was HERO.    

And yeah, I enjoy our traditional Tuesday lunches at Frenchy's, too.

When you love and appreciate someone and admire what they do, best to tell them while they are in this plane of existence to hear it..

So here I go.   I have mad love and respect for my award winning activist trans sister, and since today is Dee Dee Watters birthday, I'll let her reveal which birthday she's celebrating. 

She deserves a TransGriot birthday shout out, and my birthday wish for her is that this busy lady take it easy on her special day.   I hope (and presume) she'll be celebrating it by being surrounded by her family and close friends.  

I also hope and pray she receives the ultimate blessing of being around to celebrate many more of them.

Happy birthday Dee Dee!

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