Saturday, October 11, 2014

Arrest Made In Zoraida Reyes Murder

There is finally some great news to report concerning the case of our fallen trans sister Zoraida Reyes.   The 28 year old activist was one of four trans women of color killed across the nation during a deadly month of anti-trans violence that broke out in June.

Reyes' body was found dumped near an Anaheim, CA Dairy Queen back on June 12.  The speculation was that she was killed in another location and the body was bought there.

Anaheim Police on October 8 arrested 38 year old Randy Lee Parkerson and charged him with Reyes' murder.   He is accused of meeting Reyes on June 10, choking her to death, and driving around with her body in the trunk of his car for a day before dumping it, according to the charging documents.  

Parkerson is charged with one count of murder.  He is being held on $1 million bail at the Anaheim PD Temporary Detention Facility.  

The case according to an APD spokeperson still is not being investigated as a hate crime.

"The motive is still unclear" said Lt Bob Dunn in an LA Times interview. “There is nothing to suggest that Zoraida was specifically targeted.

As Parkerson undergoes questioning in this ongoing investigation, that is one of the questions that is crying out for an answer.

We are another step closer to getting justice for Zoraida, her family, and all the people who loved  her.

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