Friday, October 03, 2014

HERO Updates, Notes and News-October 3

Was using the computers at the Houston Public Library location downtown when I received another reminder of why the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance needs to implemented without further delay.

I was just one spot away from two other people using some HPL computers when a  twentysomething Black man made a comment to the gentleman sitting next to him after he was visited by some openly gay people that 'he hated gays' and 'you need to keep your f****t azz away from me'.

Of  course the Black gay man was offended , and asked the homophobe if he wanted to take it outside and find out just how much of a man he was.

After listening to this for about five minutes, I finally shifted to Maya Wilkes mode and was moved to speak when he made the crack that 'Black people shouldn't be homosexuals' .

Interestingly enough I'm wearing my purple Task Force Houston Host Committee t-shirt today, and I called his azz out after he said, 'God didn't create gay people' and "I don't understand why people are homosexuals'

I said to him, 'God did create gay people, and I'm sick and tired of hearing that bigotry wrapped in prayer.'

He then shot back, 'What makes you think I'm a Christian?' to which I replied, "Too many people that call themselves Christian are spouting that right wing anti-gay hate speech, and I'm tired of it."

I then ended my soliloquy with "I don't understand why people are homophobes' and shut his behind down before I went back to handling my writing business.   

The gay Black man eventually took his problem with the homophobe in question to security . 

The sistah security guard warned the homophobe that if she had one more complaint about him, out the library he was going.

After she left, he mutters some more anti- gay remarks and 'effing f*****s before he gets up from the computer and storms off.

Note to you HERO haters: A library is a public accommodation.  Since we have far too many people in the Houston area like you wanting to do more than just vocally express your anti-LGBT attitudes and discriminate against folks, that's why gender identity and sexual orientation are included in the 15 protected classes in the HERO that awaits the rapidly approaching January 19 court hearing.

And yes, as today proved, it's an ordinance that is sorely needed,

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