Friday, October 17, 2014

Shut Up Fool Awards-Let's Get Ready To Early Vote In TX Edition

October 20 is rapidly approaching, and as soon as the early voting polling place near me opens I'll be there ready to cast my ballot in this crucial midterm election.

Oh yeah, still pissed off I missed the 2013 Houston mayoral election because it took me a ridiculous nine months to get my Texas driver's license due to the voter suppression law and other BS.

You know what they say about revenge, and the nanosecond I get to the eSlate machine at my fave early voting polling  I''ll be exacting mine on everything that has an R behind its name from the top to the bottom of the ballot.

Since it's Friday, as visions of straight ticket voting are dancing in my head, let us handle our usual TransGriot 'bidness' of calling out all the fools that revealed themselves this week.

Honorable mention number one is Stacey Dash for cooning it up on FOX Noise and reciting the latest spin on the tired conservanegro Democrat Plantation claiming the Democratic Party has a plantation mentality.

Oh really Stacey?  And you are Exhibit A of the plantation mentality of the GOP, FOX Noise and the conservafool movement by willingly sell out to parrot the same racist talking points as other FOX Fembots, except you don't have blonde hair.  

Honorable mention number two is NH state Rep. Steve Vallancourt (R) for proving the GOP War on Women is alive along with the frat boy mentality in conservafool ranks.   Vallancourt injected misogyny into the US House race there by claiming in a blog post last week the incumbent, Rep, Ann Kuster (D) would lose because she is 'ugly as sin' and 'drag queens look better than her'.

Have you looked in the mirror lately, Steve?    

Honorable mention number three goes to TX Attorney Gen. Greg Abbott.   After he and the conservafool media whined for days about the devastating ad Wendy Davis unleashed on him with an empty wheelchair in it calling him out on his hypocrisy, One of Greg's aides stuck his foot in his mouth and dissed a  disabled person speaking at a Davis rally by referring to him as a 'prop' .

He also gets called out for claiming the gay marriage ban reduces out-of wedlock births.

Did that tree falling on you damage some brain cells, too? 

Keep it up Greg, and I will get my wish of seeing Wendy Davis inaugurated as my next governor.

Honorable mention number four is NC senate nominee Thom Tillis (R) who equated welfare with reparations.  Naw fool, not even close.   A $150,000 check hitting my mailbox for my ancestors 246 years of unpaid labor and the brutality visited upon them is reparations.

Honorable mention number fiver is a group award to all the conservafools coming up with bizarro world conspiracy theories in the wake of Ebola getting a toehold here in the US.

Peep Morgan Brittany's howler.   And is it me, or does it seem that all the washed up conservative leaning actresses get pundit contracts at FOX noise lately?

Honorable mention number six is the junior senator from Alberta,  Ted Cruz, who is trying to repeat as SUF of the Year and stuck his nose in the subpoena kerfluffle the Pastors Council is trying to stir up.

Mayor Parker should be ashamed of issuing subpeonas to those human rights oppressing christopimps?  Naw Ted, you should be ashamed of opening your mouth and having something stupid frequently come out of it.

Honorable mention number seven is John Grisham, who made the problematic comment in a recent interview that men who watch child pornr are not all pedophiles.

This week's Sgut Up Fool Winner is Rep Louie Gohmert (R-TX).    As part of the GOP efforts to 'scurr' their voters into heading to the polls November 4,, they are trying to politicize the Ebola outbreak

Gohmert Pyle opened his mouth and let something stupid fly out of it once again when he said on Glenn Beck's radio show that the Dallas nurses infected by Ebola were part of the Democrats 'War on Women'

FYI Louie, the only War on Women going on is the ongoing one your white male dominated party is conducting.

Louie Gohmert speaks to WNDWill somebody in the Tyler area with some common sens and light years more intelligence please run in his congressional district and spare our state the embarrassment of having this fool in our congressional delegation?

Rep Louie Gohmert, take it from here Mr. T...

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