Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Have A Happy Birthday, Isis!

One of the things I have been most happy to see over the last few years is the renewed rise of #girlslikeus walking the fashion runways of the world and in some cases working behind the scenes to make those shows happen..  

One of the peeps I had the pleasure of finally meeting after chatting and talking to her on the phone over the last few years is my talented sis Isis King. 

She's a twentysomething multitalented woman who in addition to her demonstrated runway ripping skills, is also a fashion designer and actress. 

It was the acting part which was the reason why I got to meet her in H-town back in April.

The movie Hello Forever she was starring in premiered at the World Fest film festival here.   I enjoyed getting the opportunity to finally meet and kick it with my beautiful sis and the cast

Well, couldn't let her birthday pass without giving my sis a proper TransGriot birthday shoutout!

Have a wonderful day filled with abundant blessings, love, and smiles, and may you have many more of them.   I also hope I get to spend some quality time with you the next time I'm in New York.

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