Friday, October 31, 2014

Last Day To Early Vote in TX

Today is the last day to early vote in Texas, and it's apropos that it is falling on Halloween in this cycle.

Because I am definitely in fear of not having Wendy Davis as my governor or Leticia Van de Putte as my lieutenant governor.  If enough rational thinking people do so, they can win.

But it's not just the marquee peeps at the top of the ticket.  We have quality peeps running for other offices from judicial seats to the state board of education, and we need folks who will do the right thing and not the right wing thang in them

So don't just stop at the governor's and lieutenant governor's races.   Vote in the judicial races, too because they matter as well. 

You have until 7 PM today to handle your electoral business, otherwise you'll have to do so on Tuesday at your regular precinct..

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