Friday, October 17, 2014

Jennifer Laude Update

In the latest news concerning the murder of our transpinay sister Jennifer Laude, the US marine suspected of killing her is still in custody on the USS Peleliu as the calls get increasingly louder for  calls for Joseph Pemberton to be handed over to Philippine authorities for his crime.

The Peleliu and 3000 US Marines and sailors had been in the Philippines to conduct joint exercises with the Philippine armed forces.   While the rest of the US naval ships participating in the joint exercises were allowed to leave Subic Bay, the Peleliu is still in port pending the investigation of the Laude murder.

In Manila protests occurred in front of the US Embassy there as the demands that PFC Pemberton be handed over to Philippine authorities grow louder.

And I agree.  He committed the crime on Philippine soil, so he needs to face justice in the Philippines for it    We'll have to stay tuned to see if he does.

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