Saturday, October 04, 2014

Justice For Brittany Kidd-Stergis!

Brittany Stergis (left) and Delshawn CarrollThere is good news to report in terms of another one of our fallen transsisters receiving justice.

In my last update on this case back in June,  Delshawn Carroll was arrested and charged with the aggravated  the murder of Stergis while in the Cuyahoga County Jail on drug trafficking charges.

On Friday Carroll was convicted of the December 6, 2013 murder of Stergis as
she sat in her car in a Cleveland westside public housing project.   Carroll tried to deny that he and Stergis had a past association with each other, but that lie was blown up by evidence frond by investigators that placed him inside Stergis' car.

Carroll was also convicted of the drug trafficking charge.  It carries an 18 month sentence that he will serve concurrently with the life sentence he will get for killing Brittany Kidd-Stergis 

Justice has been served and another murderer of our sisters will be rotting in jail for doing so

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