Thursday, October 09, 2014

TransGriot 2014 NFL Picks- Week 6

I had another fantastic week picking NFL games, going 12-3 in Week 5.

Only problem, that wasn't good enough to win the week.   Eli and Mike beat me because of the result of the Dallas-Houston game that ended with the (yuck) Cowchips winning in overtime.

No rest for the Texans, because they now have to dive into AFC South play and deal with H-town homeboy Andrew Luck and his Colts coming to NRG Stadium for a nationally televised first place showdown.

Since the Texans have yet to win a game in Indianapolis, this one is magnified.  

So they better handle their football business    Great place to start would be to play four quarters of football and force teams to try to come back on them instead of the other way around.

Speaking of handling football business, time to get the Week 6 picks out of the way.   Only 15 games to pick because the Chiefs and Saints are on their bye week.

My picks will be in underlined bold print, Eli's and Mike's I'll link to here once they are available.  Our prognostication contest is still tight, and I'm still leading, but not by much.

Week 5 Results.

TransGriot   12-3
Eli                13-2
Mike            13-2

2014 NFL Season Record

TransGriot     49-27
Eli                  47-29
Mike              48-28

NFL Week 6

Thursday Night Game
Houston over Indianapolis

Sunday Early Games
Pittsburgh over Cleveland
New England over Buffalo
Cincinnati over Carolina
Tennessee over Jacksonville
Green Bay over Miami
Detroit over Minnesota
Denver over NY Jets
Baltimore over Tampa Bay

Sunday Afternoon Games
San Diego over Oakland
Atlanta over Chicago
Seattle over Dallas
Arizona over Washington

Sunday Night Game
NY Giants over Philadelphia

Monday Night Game 
San Francisco over St. Louis

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