Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ruby Corado Gets Married!

Whenever I pop into Washington DC, one of my mandatory stops, especially when she makes it happen by grabbing me at the airport before my other DC area friends do, is one at Casa Ruby.

It's run by longtime DC activist Ruby Corado, who has overcome a lot of personal challenges in her own life to become an iconic leader inside I-495.   She is building Casa  Ruby into the go to bilingual service provider for LGBT people in Washington DC, and I've been thrilled to watch it grow and prosper  .

Yesterday my homegirl got married to her fiance David in a ceremony held at the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel in which the blushing bride was escorted down the aisle by Washington DC Mayor Vincent Gray.

I met Ruby's now hubby David a few moths ago during the Philly Trans Health Conference, and there is no doubt that these two love each other.  

And I couldn't be happier for her. 

She's still basking in the afterglow of her special day, because here is her comment about it from her Facebook page entitled 'Dreams Do Come True!'


My whole life, I have been told that I was not supposed to love or be loved.
I was not supposed to love myself because I was different( Trans, indigenous, dark haired, immigrant, HIV Positive, you name it). I was made to believe that no one could love me back because I was different.

Yesterday, life proved everyone wrong.

I love myself more than ever because I am SOMEBODY.  My husband showed the world that it is ok to love me even though I am different.  My city's mayor Vince Gray walked me down the aisle and showed the world once again that he stands for love.

My friends and Family showed me, that I am SOMEBODY, and they stand with me in sickness and in health until death do us part.

Today as I lay next to my husband, I want to tell my friends, clients, supporters, followers and the entire world that It is ok to be different and that no matter what anyone says, YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE AS MUCH AS I AM

Never stop dreaming, never stop believing because dreams do come true.

A Million Thanks To Everyone Who Shared This Special Moment in person or from A distance, I felt your love

Love For All
Ruby Corado-Walker


Congratulations Ruby and David!   May you two have have a long, healthy and happy marriage.

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