Thursday, October 16, 2014

TransGriot 2014 NFL Picks-Week 7

Getting closer to the midway point of what has been not only a competitive NFL season, but a tight competition for the 2014 season prognostication championship between myself, Eli and Mike.

Once again I had a good week, but not good enough. My esteemed competition had double digit wins with Mike taking Week 6.

So yeah, gotta step it up now that I no longer have the lead.   NFL Week 7 is upon us with another 15 games to select from,   Philadelphia and Tampa Bay are on their bye week.

So let's get busy and see if I can do better than last week.

My picks will be in underlined bold print, when Mike and Eli's are available I'll link to them.

Week 6 Results

TransGriot.    9-5-1
Eli                  10-4-1
Mike              11-3-1

2014 NFL Season Record

TransGriot     58-32-1
Eli                  57-33-1
Mike              59-31-1

NFL Week 7

Thursday Night Game
New England over NY Jets

Sunday Early Games

Baltimore over Atlanta
Washington over Tennessee
Seattle over St Louis
Cleveland over Jacksonville
Indianapolis over Cincinnati
Buffalo over Minnesota
Chicago over Miami
Detroit over New Orleans
Green Bay over Carolina

Sunday Afternoon Games
San Diego over Kansas City
Arizona over Oakland
Dallas over NY Giants

Sunday Night Game
Denver over San Francisco

Monday Night Game
Houston over Pittsburgh

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