Sunday, October 26, 2014

Once Again, Thank You LGBT Community!

As many of you TransGriot readers may or may not be aware of, been going through since mid-September an effort by a transphobic relative to push me out of my grandmother's house where I have been living since May 2010 as her caretaker. 

Seems like it started after this trip from hell for me, and he 's made it very clear that it was personal.   I've basically been fighting him tooth and nail to ensure he didn't run roughshod over my human rights as I tried to find a new place to live.

Thought I had a solid offer that fit the bill, but after some waffling by that person, it got rescinded, which set up the series of events that got ugly on Wednesday. 

The transphobic relative tried to bait me into hitting him so he could call HPD on me to force my arrest and removal from the house, but even Stevie Wonder could see that play coming.   He still called the po-po anyway and tried to claim he felt 'threatened'.   They shrugged their shoulders and kept it moving..  He was also pissed off by the fact his eviction notice wasn't valid because his transphobic azz used my old name on it.

But that incident drove home the point that I could no longer stay in that place, and I was tired of all the micro and macroaggressive transphobia I was getting.  I was also stressed about the prospect of being on the cusp of homelessness.  

I needed immediate help, and you have responded and then some to my call.   I'm staying for now with a friend who basically drove over to the house on Wednesday afternoon, scooped me up and has enveloped me in love and sisterhood ever since.    I'll be with the Chen family until November 1, and will start another new chapter of my life when I move into a new H-town apartment for the first time since I left for Louisville in September 2001.  

An indiegogo campaign was launched so that I would be able to set up utilities and get a household started after not having to have to do that for the last four years. Others have hit up my TransGriot Tip Jar as they waited for the indiegogo campaign to start.

I have been astounded and humbled by the outpouring of love and support when I really needed the TBLG community and our allies to step up for me.   My mom has been impressed by what she has observed and sends her thanks as well.

And as for the transphobic relative that instigated this mess, all I have to say is karma not only is a you know what, but she wears a dress and stiletto heels.

Once again, thank you!    Thank you to all the people in Houston, Texas, and the nation  who offered their homes as temporary shelters and others in various cities across the state and country who offered their homes as landing spots if I had been inclined to relocate to their locales.

Thanks for the calls, e-mails, messages of support and donations from the LGBT community and allies that will ensure I land on my feet and be in a better and stronger position to be an advocate for this community.

I've always said that your family expands, not contracts when you embark upon a gender transition.

Since Wednesday afternoon, you have emphatically proven that point to me, members of my blood family who support and love me, and the entire world.

And I will forever be grateful to you for it.

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