Thursday, October 16, 2014

It's Spirit Day 2014!

Today is Spirit Day, the annual day since 2010 in which we wear purple to denote support of TBLG kids who are being bullied for who they are. 

It sprang from an idea advance by Canadian teen Brittany McMillan in the wake of a wave of LGBT suicides in 2010 that in large part were triggered by bullying, with the big media attention name in that wave of suicides being Rutgers student Tyler Clementi.

The reason we wear purple is because of the purple stripe on the Gilbert Baker created  rainbow flag, in which the purple stripe on it represents spirit.

The first Spirit Day was celebrated on October, 20, 2010 but has now been moved to one thta is celebrated every October 16.

And since I was one of those kids back in the day who was on the receiving end of bullyingin elementary school , it's a day and a cause that resonates with me.

So join me in finding a nice purple outfit to wear today and catching the spirit of Spirit Day.  

It's past time to end bullying not only of our LGBT kids, but the scourge of bullying period.

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