Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy Birthday, Islan

Today would have been the 23rd birthday of my fallen New York transsister Islan Nettles.

But because she ran into some transphobes on a Harlem street corner who thought for whatever jacked up reason they could physically assault her, she is no longer here to celebrate any more birthdays.

The best present we can get for you right now on this day is justice and heightened awareness of your case..  

The wastes of DNA who attacked you need to be sitting in a  jail cell somewhere in New York state.  If the local prosecutors won't put theses idiots away for their deserved jail time, maybe it's time for federal prosecutors to get.involved and start investigating this case.

And those local prosecutors failing to act need to be replace in the next election cycle by people who will seek justice..

It pisses me off every time I see her face and wonder what kind of contributions she would have made to our community and the world. 
She was just beginning to live her life and these transphobes ended it it because of their person prejudices and transphobia.

Happy birthday, Islan.  You were taken away from us way too soon.   The city of New York, all the people who loved you and the world are poorer for it.

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