Friday, October 10, 2014

Shut Up Fool Awards-Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend 2014 Edition

My TransGriot readers come from many countries, but the top one for visitors have been the Canadians.  

This is Thanksgiving weekend for my north of the border readers, and they will be getting their grub on and giving thanks for all their blessings for the year on Monday.  

One of their blessings is that they don't have as many off the charts right wing fools in their national political circles as we have to deal with on our side of the border.

So lets get right to it.   Let's find out what fool, fools or group of fools get called out in this weeks edition. 

Honorable mention number one is the Republican Party.   They have been in Blame Obama mode attacking the administration about various issues and the organizations tasked to deal with those problems, but conveniently forget to mention that they cut the funding to all those organizations so they have less money to do their jobs.

Honorable mention number two is Charlotte Lucas, who let out a Facebook rant in which she proclaimed she was 'sick of minorities running this country'.

Your white sheet is showing Charlotte.   Yeah, I'm sick of minorities like the GOP 1% running this country, too and I'm going to do something about it on Election Day.

Honorable mention number three is Cornel West.   He's still hatin' on President Obama, and still bitter about not being invited to either inauguration.

Honorable mention number four is Reince Priebus, who is still clueless as the RNC chair and praised hatemonger Tony Perkins as being 'right on marriage

More like right wing, Reince.   And news flash, the GOP War on Same Sex Marriage is over.   Didn't you get that memo from the SCOTUS this week? .

Honorable mention number five is Annie Lennox for engaging in Beyonce bashing.   And how many Grammys do you have again compared to Bey Bey?   Sit your ass down somewhere.

Diana Veiga said it best about Lennox's feminism policing. 

'This need for white women to police Black women’s definition and brand of feminism is troublesome, bothersome, and disturbing,” she wrote. “It does nothing more than widen the chasm that already exists between white and Black feminists. What exactly are the depths of feminism Lennox is talking about? How does Beyoncé not represent them? And what does Lennox think Beyoncé is missing?” 

Honorable mention number six is Rep Louie Gohmert (R-TX).   This contender for the 2014 Shut Up Fool of The Year Award parted his lips to say that the POTUS just sent 3000 troops to catch Ebola and die.   They are headed there on a humanitarian mission.  

Gohmert Pyle needed to shut up a long time ago.

Honorable mention number seven is Rick Wiles, who continued the TeaGOP Ebola themed talking points on his radio show.  He parted his loud and wrong lips to say that "Ebola could solve America's problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography and abortion".

One major gaping hole in your theory.  So far the only Americans to get it have been Christians doing medical missionary work.

The Canadian Jive Turkey winner is the Canadian Senate for stalling the passage of C-279 for over a year

This week's Shut Up Fool award winner is Todd Kincannon.   Todd let loose this racist series of tweets that proposed that people with Ebola be put to death, .

Todd Kincannon says he has every right to make inflammatory statements on Twitter like the ones he tweeted about Trayvon Martin during the Super Bowl.

And y'all wanna know why I despise the Tea Party movement and call them the Tea Klux Klan   

Todd Kincannon, shut up fool!

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