Friday, October 03, 2014

Shut Up Fool Awards-Countdown To Election Day Edition

It's the first Friday in October, and that means the clock is rapidly ticking toward October 20 and the opening day of early voting in Texas for this critical election 

I'm damned sure planning to be there bright and early to handle my civic business, and hope you are planning to do the same thing

Speaking of handling business, time to get to handling our usual Friday business of calling out all the fool, fools or group of fools who so richly deserve it.

It's this Friday's edition of the Shut Up Fool Awards.

Honorable mention number one is the NFL.  Once again they stumbled into another PR issue when a Muslim NFL player was flagged for 'excessive celebration'  when he bowed in prayer after a pick six  interception return in Monday's 41-14 demolition of the New England Patriots by Kansas City.  

After having to watch an endless parade of Tim Tebow celebrations and his and other Christian NFL players ad nauseum proselytizing, why y'all have a problem with a Muslim player doing what y'all have done for a decade or more?   15 yard flag on the play for hypocrisy

Honorable mention number two goes to the Minnesota Star Tribune for printing a full page transbaiting ad from a fearmongering anti-trans org in the run up to a decision that would approve a trans human rights policy for Minnesota students.  .

Honorable mention number three is Bruce Braley, whose comment slamming Chuck Grassley may flip the Iowa senate race and possibly imperil the Dems chances of holding the US Senate 

Video has surfaced of Braley calling Grassley (R) at a fundraiser a few months ago “a farmer from Iowa who never went to law school.”   Not a smart thing to say when your state's major business is farming and many of the voters there are survey says, farmers..

Honorable mention number four is the New York Post for its disgusting heading heralding the birth of Chelsea Clinton's first child as 'another liberal crybaby'

When will you media conservafools grow up?  Or are you in a perpetual state of cognitively impaired adolescence?    But then again, what else is new for a Rupert Murdoch owned newspaper?

Honorable mention number five to Jessica Duggar for blaming the Holocaust on the theory of evolution.   Maybe you need to dye your hair blonde and audition to become a Fox Noise fembot.
You've definitely demonstrated through your recent actions and statements you're intellectually challenged enough to be one.

id you not learned your lesson when you openBarney Frank attacked the head of the Human Rights Campaign for apologising to trans groupsThis week's Shut Up Fool honoree is former Rep Barney Frank

In a recent GAVoice interview, the Purple One  slammed HRC Prez Chad Griffin for his SCC apology to the trans community, then tried to pinkwash his being a trans oppressor by lying saying 'trans people don't have rights because we 'refused to lobby' and 'the votes weren't there' to pass a trans inclusive ENDA.

Interesting that the votes were there in the Senate to pass a trans inclusive ENDA last year.

You need to come clean about that transphobia Barney.   And oh yeah, Shut up fool!

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