Thursday, October 02, 2014

Thanks OutSmart Readers For The Dual Wins!

As I've said more than a few times on the blog, in numerous panel discussions and speeches, I don't do the activism I do for awards.   But it sure is nice when the work you put into advancing the human rights of yourself and others gets recognized by the people you are fighting for.

OutSmart Magazine is a monthly LGBT themed publication here in Houston.  It does an annual Readers Choice Award, and in the 2014 edition I was shocked to discover that I was nominated in three categories.  

Even better, I won in two of them.

Considering the lousy, unnecessary drama filled second half of September I've had, it was much needed positive news.

OutSmart’s Gayest and Greatest Readers’ Choice Awards 2014I was nominated along with Kristen Capps and winner Christina Gorczynski in the Most Prominent LGBT Female Activist category.   I was also nominated for the Favorite Blogger female and Favorite Tweeter female categories which I won.

I'm humbled by the support of my local community, and thank you OutSmart readers and everyone who voted for me for the dual wins.   It's deeply appreciated. 

Congratulations also goes out to all the nominees and winners in this year's 2014 Gayest and Greatest poll.

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