Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving 2014, Eh!

Today is Thanksgiving day north of the border.   All my readers across Canada are taking time out of their lives to count their blessings and get their grub on.

Definitely need to give my Canadian homegirl Renee and her family a shoutout.

After spending over a decade in Niagara Falls, they recently moved to St. Catharines and will be spending their first Thanksgiving having dinner in their new home.

Congratulations on the move.  May this be the first of many happy Thanksgiving dinners and family memories in your new domicile.

While we have yet to see passage of C-279, the Trans Rights Law that has been stalled in the Conservative dominated Senate, it has passed Second Reading stage and is now in committee.   Here's hoping my Canadian trans cousins see their home and native land recognize their human rights.

To my Canadian trans peeps, I hope you have the additional blessing of breaking bread and sharing your Thanksgiving meal with your blood family.  If that's not possible, I hope and pray it's with your chosen family or supportive friends who have opened their doors and their dinner table to you.

And if you are in the position to open your home to a fellow transperson who may not for whatever reason be able to go home to their family, I hope you are able to share your Thanksgiving Day with them.

And to all my Canadian readers, may the food that nourishes your bodies be accompanied by abundant love and smiles.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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