Thursday, October 16, 2014

Trans Woman In Memphis Brutally Attacked

(Photo Source: Friends)Here we frakking go again with yours truly having to report another instance of a trans woman of color being attacked

This time it happened in Memphis to Alexia Dupree Taylor, and as usual the police are issuing the standard 'It isn't a hate crime' line we're sick of hearing.

How does someone get stabbed and hit with a brick if it's 'just a robbery'?   Wake up and smell the transphobic violence in this attack.

The homeless Taylor was found on the ground Wednesday bleeding with head injuries behind a Midtown Memphis church at 69 North Cleveland St. according to a news report.

Taylor told Memphis police she was behind a building, a block away from the church, when someone dragged her down stairs and robbed her. After stealing a purse, the robber stabbed Taylor and hit her in the head with a brick.  She was taken by medical personnel to Regional Medical Center wher is was later upgraded to critical condition.  

Her friend James Houston said something in the article that I concur with: "I really believe that if she would have been in a place where she could call home, she would not [have been attacked],"

Here's hoping that Alexia not only recovers quickly and finds a home, but she receives justice when the waste of DNA who did this to her is captured.

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