Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2008 Louisville TDOR Events

The 10th Anniversary of the Transgender Day Of Remembrance is rapidly approaching, and once again our sponsor for the local TDOR events held at the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary will be the Women's Center at LPTS and More Light.

For the second time since the local events began to be hosted by the LPTS in 2002, there will be a heightened level of sadness for us in Da Ville this year. One of the names we'll read will be one of our own, Nakhia Williams.

The week of events leading up to the November 20 service will kick off tomorrow with a Transgender 101 Workshop from 12:30-1;30 PM in the Winn Center's McAtee Dining Room.

On November 19 there will be a 6:30 PM screening of the film Soldier's Girl followed by a discussion at the Caldwell Chapel's Fellowship Hall. Doors open at 6 PM for that event.

On November 20 there will be another panel discussion from 12:30-1:30 PM on Transgender Experience of Faith Communities in the Winn Center's McAtee Dining Rooms with the Memorial Service happening at 7:00 PM in the Caldwell Chapel.

As part of the service we have someone from the local transgender community as the featured speaker, and this year it will be Beth Harrison-Prado. (Just as an FYI, I was given that honor in 2002-2003)

Following the service will be a reception and the presentation of the 2008 Butterfly Award, which honors a person whose done outstanding service for the transgender community.

As of yet haven't heard if the GLBT group on the University of Louisville campus is planning anything for the TDOR, but if they are I'll post it to the blog.

For further info on the 2008 TDOR events at the LPTS, click on this link to the Wimminwise Blog. Hope to see you peeps there.

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Just a note in hope you can publicize a very good film for TDOR. If you or anyone else is looking for a good film to use for TDOR, I would humbly suggest "Naming Jennifer." Its not easy to get a copy, you have to contact the producers, but they will likely let you show it for free and if they can may even show up to answer questions after the movie. The producers are Steven Lane and Scott Rice. And if you want to contact them I will be glad to act as a conduit, and Monica knows how to get in touch with me(Monica if you want to post an email for me to get out of the line on this, just let me know and I will give you a post-able email for me).
Description of the movie as follows:
"Naming Jennifer" is a documentary film by Scott Rice and Steven Lane about a
Missoula, MT transgendered woman who died a brutal death, the questions surrounding her
death, and the intolerance of the local law enforcement community to in refusing to investigate
the death. The very loving and sometimes confused story of Jennifer's life is told through
interviews with Jennifer's family and friends. Also interviewed are the Police and the District
Attorney where the attitudes toward the transgendered community are all too evident."