Saturday, November 22, 2008

Don't Hate

An MKR poem

Don't hate
Because the world thinks it's great
That we have a Black president after a 200 year wait
With Michelle as his loving mate
And from the Oval Office he'll administrate

Don't hate
Because Obama can enunciate
His campaign was first-rate
Change was the theme Barack articulates
In January we'll have a prez that can communicate

Don't hate
Because America wants to repudiate
Our race-based tendency to segregate
And racism we need to obliterate
For y'all who wanna trip please emigrate

Don't hate
Because conservatism lies prostrate
You're the fools that chose to concentrate
On GLBT civil rights to eradicate
And the undemocratic agenda you pontificate

Don't hate
Because the world did celebrate
McCain and Palin's losing fate
The DC House Bush soon has to vacate
Our troops from Iraq we can extricate

Don't hate
Because 'We the people' gave them a mandate
It's time to stop bickering and cooperate
Now the Dems will get to legislate
To clean up the eight year mess we didn't create

Don't hate
Because with the planet we'll collaborate
On science and technology we'll innovate
Our children we'll recommit to educate
That's why Barack's the winning candidate

So don't hate

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