Sunday, November 30, 2008

World AIDS Day 2008

Today is the 20th Anniversary celebration of World AIDS Day. One of the little known facts about HIV/AIDS is that transwomen, and disproportionately transwomen of color are one of the fastest growing categories of people who are infected by it as this PSA from the Banyan Tree Project reminds us.

It's also a problem in Black America as well as the Black AIDS Institute and the National Minority AIDS Council will tell you.

Houston was one of the early Ground Zero's of the initial HIV/AIDS wave in the early 80's. I had friends and a 24 year old cousin die during that stage as it decimated the Houston GLBT community.

So to my younglings and 'errbody' who reads TransGriot on a regular basis, be safe out there. Don't take it for granted your potential sex partner is not infected. If you're not sure of a person's HIV status you're about to get busy with, use protection until you both get tested.

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