Sunday, November 30, 2008

Transgender Job Fair

As a reminder to you GLB peeps that we ain't forgot about ENDA and how serious having a job is for transgender people (especially transgender peeps of color), here's a San Francisco TV news story about a transgender job fair they conducted there recently.

The new session of the 110th Congress starts January 3. In light of the way y'all felt about being treated like second class citizens, we expect that if a new ENDA bill is introduced in this session, you'll remember how you felt after Prop 8 and trust that the new ENDA bill will not only be transgender inclusive, but you will do your part as our allies to help it pass.


Queers United said...

its nice to see fair media coverage on trans folks

Monica Roberts said...

That too, QU.
I was impressed with the reportering on the issue.

They could teach the media here a few things on how to repsectfully cover transgender peeps.

VĂ©ro B said...

Wow, great story and well reported. I wish we heard such things more often. Thanks for the link.