Thursday, November 06, 2008

Headed To Boulder, CO!

Hey peeps!
Headed to Boulder CO to be the keynote speaker for the TRANScending Gender Conference kicking off tomorrow on the CU Boulder campus.

Will tell y'all about it either when I get back or if I manage to get computer access sometime during my stay there.


Eboni T-Girl said...

Well that is great Monica. I wish I was able to attend to see you live and in action.

I wish you the best, and you definetly have my full support.

I am just wonering, will you give us a hook up to your speech? In other words, will you have some footage to show us of your speaking in Colorodao once you get back?

Maybe you can post it to your blog?

Take care Monica.

Monica Roberts said...

I'll post it to the blog....It's STILL a work in progress I'm revising as we speak