Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bye CU, Hello Louisville

I'm back in Da Ville after a wonderful weekend in Boulder taking part in this weekend's Transforming Gender Symposium. Thanks to Stephanie, Andee and Angela for the invitation and all the volunteers and panelists who helped make this weekend a well run and informative one.

It was also an honor to finally meet and talk to Katastrophe, Ryka, Krista, and Michelle and to continue the conversations we started during this weekend. It was also neat to have a Canadian perspective on some of these issues courtesy of Krista and Michelle.

I was also surprised and pleased to receive a visit from Liz, one of my TSTB sisters. We spent a few hours laughing and talking about a few issues until we both started dozing on each other around 11 PM MST.

But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and I had to reluctantly hug and say goodbye to Liz since I had to get some sleep and get up at 3 AM for my shuttle which was picking me up at 3:30 AM. I had a 6 AM MST flight out of Denver International to Chicago-O'Hare and my connecting flight to Louisville.

After two uneventful flights, I ended up at home about 2:30 PM EST. Dawn caught me up with local events before I trudged up to my room and opened my bag to see if my CU coffee mug survived the trip.

It did, and I drifted off to some well deserved rest after a long but satisfying weekend in Boulder.

Thanks for the invite CU GLBT Resource Center. I hope it doesn't take me twenty more years to return to the Denver area next time.


PinayTG said...

Hey Monica!

Nice to know you're back home safe. Congrats on keynoting TRANScendence. I hope you post your speech here too. I can't wait to read it.

Sorry for my delayed reactions. I am so busy with the organizing of the Pride March here but I promise to be a better blogger this month compared to last. Hehehe.

Hope you've been able to rest well when you see this. :)

crys said...

read it?!?! WTF?!?!

in this new technologically advanced age (complete with a black president) we can't get no YOUTUBE of your keynote speech? lmao
glad you made it back safely ma'am :-)

Monica Roberts said...

Nope Crys...Unless somebody had a cameraphone in that room, I'll have to post the speech..