Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Once Again HRC-Keep Your Moneygrubbing Mitts Off Our TDOR

I've been advised that the Homosexual Rights Corporation is sponsoring TDOR events in Columbus and Cincinnati, OH.

Those events are supposed to be FUBU productions for us to memorialize our dead with our allies.

While there's some concern in the Dallas-Fort Worth transgender community about HRC's local Federal Club chapter sponsoring an event on the same night and time as the TDOR observances in Dallas and Fort Worth that have been publicized for weeks, let's get real for a minute.

The people who attend that event aren't likely to have compassion for our community, so don't sweat it. Handle your business and honor our people with class and dignity. You'll also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the peeps who do show up for the DFW events are allies and friends who truly care about the community, not backstabbing sellouts.

If you feel they deliberately targeted the TDOR, then protest their next Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area events and their dinner.

HRC cannot, in any spin driven hallucinogenic stretch of the word consider themselves to be an ally to the transgender community. Don't think we forgot about HRC selling transgender people out last year and being the lone holdout in the United ENDA coalition.

Those of us who are paying attention know y'all ain't changed one bit. That's why your dinners are still being protested.

Until HRC becomes a true ally to this community and joins the mainstream of the GLBT community in working together to pass a transgender-inclusive ENDA, y'all need to keep your grubby paws off the TDOR events.

Here's what I said about it last year and it bears repeating and rereading, especially by you transgender peeps who are continually sipping the 'HRC is our friends' Kool-aid.


Polar said...

Exactly right.

I couldn't care less when HRC hosts Federal Club events - the conservative republican gay guys who can afford to belong to the FedClub don't want to know about trans, anyway.

HRC sponsorship in any manner of TDOR, or other transgender community events, is unacceptable, always, period. Any t person who chooses to serve on an HRC steering committee is mistaken at best, and a sellout at worst. This I state after watching HRC dance around the T community since 1995. They've been doing this dance since Lizzie Birch was exdir, and Joe Solmonese is Lizzie Birch with less balls.

HRC Watch said...

well you're gonna love this and please write about it!

If they really wanted to help, they could attend TDoR events without sticking the HRC logo on it. How dare they exploit our dead!

Ethan St.Pierre

Donna said...

HRC indirectly offered to provide some funding for the TDoR in Kansas City. The organizing group turned down the offer, some threatening to quit had the money been accepted. I think its totally inappropriate for HRC to try to buy its way into favor.

Dale said...

Hey, Ethan, it gets even better. The Cincinnati event is not registered with the International TDOR website, so I can't be sure who is organizing it. But HRC seems to be seems to be taking credit for it.

proudprogressive said...

Thank you Monica and company for keeping the light shining brightly on the hrc - i am making sure the smaller bloggers such as myself have no confusion about who are friends truly are and the ways the homosexual rights corp (brilliant) is not our allie but more than willing to lie, cheat , and take the money of those who actually are not aware ..still of how narrow the definition of human rights is to these crooks.

we will never forget - and we will continue until we achieve full protections under the law !

blessed be - pptg

Polar said...

This is the email from "Ashley", from the tginky list. It regards the Cincinnati TDOR. Judge for yourself.

Re: [TGinKY] Re: Reminder: Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigil (Wednesday, Nov 19, 2008) Ashley Wilson

A few months ago, I would have agreed with you, but I feel much
differently now. Yes, I still get ill when I think of Joe
Solomonese's speech at SoCo last year. But I also realize that they
are the biggest LGBT lobbyists in the country, and we need them -- as
much as we hate to admit it.

I have recently become active in the HRC steering committee here in
Cincinnati, working with the diversity committee. We are trying to
bring minorites, women and transgender people into the fold. Right
now, 3 of our 7 members on the committee are transsexuals, and the
plan for the following year is to start building some strong inroads
with the T community. Personally, I feel it's better to build a
strong foundation from within the organization so that we will never
be shunned again. That is what I'm trying to do.

Our TDOR event on Friday is sponsored by HRC, but financially the
organization is only providing the refreshments. We have a long way
to go to regain the trust, but little by little we can make it happen.

Ashley :)

This is the kind of ignorance we have to continue to stand up to. - Polar

HRC Watch said...

NO organization should feel the need to put their logo on Transgender Day of Remembrance. This is about our dead, for God sake! Imagine going to a family members funeral only to see their coffin stamped with the wrods "sposnored by" much like a nascar?
How nice of them to try to build a community when HRC is actually the only org to NOT join us in OUR movement. Screw them and screw their events. I will NEVER include nor recognize these money-grubbing events they stamp their logo on in the name of community building. They can all go to hell.

Monica Roberts said...

Ashley us about to find out the hard way that appeasement to HRC never works.

People like her have naively tried for ten plus years to work with HRC and have failed.

The LA Clippers have a better chance of winning the NBA title than you have of getting the Republican wannabees in the HRC to work with not just the transgender community, but the entire GLBT community on our issues.

Colleen said...

It makes no sense to criticize people for publicizing TDOR. If you disagree with what they're saying, great, do your own thing.

It accomplishes nothing by making a tent smaller rather then larger.

bint alshamsa said...

HRC makes me throw up in my mouth. How dare they?!

Monica Roberts said...

It's the hypocrisy and chutzpah of HRC I'm talking about here..

HRC trying to participate in a TDOR is akin to the Republican Party trying to sponsor a Martin Luther King Day event after they've enthusiastically did everything possible to kill the holiday.

It smacks of hypocrisy.

Monica Roberts said...

homosexual rights corp (brilliant)

Proud Progressive,
Can't take credit for that one. That sarcastic nickname for them is one Ethan St. Pierre came up with during an interview I did with him on his radio show.

10:55 PM

rioTgirl said...

I live in Columbus OH. For years we have been one of the highest donating cities to the HRC. We have $1,000 /plate dinners to raise cash for them. Yet, when there is need for them to provide assistance in electing queer-positive officials, over-turn discriminating laws, or get the state to alter a trans*woman's birth certificate - they are nowhere to be found ... ever.

As far as their sponsorship of the Cinci TODR.. they claimed a "sponsorship" role and *ONLY* provided refreshments - and Ashley states that as something positive. Allow me to wipe the spit coffee off my keyboard. That would be akin to someone bringing a bag of chips to a potluck and then wanting to fix a plate to take home... no class...

Monica Roberts said...

Rio T-Girl
Thanks for the clarification on the HRC level of participation in the Cincy TDOR.