Thursday, November 06, 2008

Live From Boulder, It's Moni!

Finally made it to Boulder, CO after flying since 12:45 PM EST from Da Ville. Weather was beautiful for most of the trip down to DFW and up to DEN with very little chop. I was also pleased to discover that this hotel, the Boulder Outlook not only is within rock throwing distance of the CU campus, it has complementary Internet access.

As I mentioned in some earlier posts this is my first trip back to the area in 20 years. This town has definitely changed and Boulder is more beautiful than I remember it.

Only drama I had was when I was trying to make my connection out of DFW to my Denver flight and the gate info I was given turned out to be incorrect. I ended up in Terminal B instead of next door in Terminal C where my bird was departing from, but fortunately I got there early, and thanks to the efficient Skylink trains I got there in enough time to grab a barbecue sandwich before boarding my flight.

I'm revising the speech as I write this. A lot of what I'll be talking about hinged on Tuesday's election results, so although I usually like having these speeches done with plenty of time to revise and polish them, I'll have until 6:30 PM MST tomorrow to get it as close to perfect as I'd like it.

Speaking of working on speeches, guess I better get back to the room and handle my business. I've been operating on three hours of sleep and if the Phenomenal Transwoman is going to look her best, she needs to crash.


L.T. said...

I'm so excited to see you tomorrow! Welcome to Boulder!

Renee said...

Good luck on your speech. BTW you ever think of crossing the border, Cannucks could use some trasgriot wisdom as well you know.

Renee said...

damnn TransGriot and my type o's

Monica Roberts said...

That almost happened. Trent University wanted me to come up there and speak for a conference.

It was unfortunately scheduled for this weekend.

Renee said...

I am leaving this comment here instead of at your post on the Bilerco because honestly that does not seem like a safe space right now. I have already gotten into a huge disagreement on another post and I can't take the emotional drama. I just wanted to say thank you so much for writing that post.
It said exactly what I have been trying to say for two days and yet did come close to expressing as well as you did.

It just shocked me how quickly people turned to racism and in truth I am deeply wounded by it. I went to the Bilerico to say that I was so sorry about the loss and was confronted by the filth in the comment section. So thank you for standing up and calling out the racism for what it is. Thank you for pointing out that the GLBTQI community has ignored blacks. Thank you for pointing out that the way forward is through building a coalition with POC instead of throwing hate,

If I had not been the hugest fan of yours to begin with I would be now. Ok gonna go cause now I'm crying.

Monica Roberts said...

I'm not surprised. As I've always said, the GLBT community is a microcosm of our society at large.

Every 'ism' that's in the parent society is present in our subset of it.