Monday, November 24, 2008

A Transsistah's Secret-Tucking

If you've ever attended or watched video of a transgender pageant or ball, you've probably watched contestants strut their stuff in skimpy bathing suits or wear tight jeans and look good doing it.

You also probably wondered as you watched them strut back and forth across the stage how do pre-op transwomen and female illusionists hide the neoclitoris?

Well, it's a technique that we call tucking. The methods to accomplish 'hiding the candy' as the Lady Chablis called it are as varied as the transpeople who use them.

One which sounds painful is basically pushing the family jewels into the cavity they descended from. The testicles shrink as you keep swallowing estrogen or taking the shots, so it's not as hard as it sounds.

You basically spread your legs and carefully push the the testicles toward the cavity. Once you get them in the cavity the scrotal sac will be empty, and you can wrap that loose skin around the penile shaft and then pull it all back between your legs using either tape or an extra set of panties to hold everything in place. Gravity will get them back into their natural position when you free the penis.

Yes, peeps do shave the area to make sure that they don't give themselves an impromptu Brazilian wax. Most people also use surgical tape these days instead of duct tape since duct tape can pull skin off as you remove it.

Others will use a gaff to tuck the neoclit away while others just simply pull it back as far as it will go and wear a girdle or an extra pair of panties to ensure that everything stays in place.

Sometimes it doesn't always stay in place and the neoclit wiggles free. With the interior testicular method you have to be very careful when you sit down, otherwise you get the sensation of someone kicking you in the groin.

Feminine fashions are designed to accentuate the body. Jeans are designed to be form fitting and tight, and the last thing you want is a frontal bulge while wearing them, especially if you are in certain social situations. Tucking will continue to be a necessary evil for pre-ops until they can get to the point they can afford either SRS or an orchiectomy to remove the family jewels.


shemale said...


i used to do this with surgical tape too; that shit hurts :(

you may not actually need a gaffe or an extra pair of underwear to do this; i can do this with most underwear (except thongs made entirely out of lace or other fragile material).

and tbh i don't always necessarily mind a little frontal bulge, lol

VĂ©ro B said...

Being pre-op (for less than a year longer, I hope), I pretty much always tuck those jewels up into the cavities whence they originally came (not painful in the least) and flatten everything backwards with a gaffe. I know a place that makes nice colourful ones, not as nice as lace or things like that, but not ugly.

I wear tight stretch jeans on most days, and I don't show. Of course, it helps that I'm only average size to begin with. Swimsuits are a different matter. I've been out only twice, and got away with it both time, but it will be a lot nicer when the plumbing has been regrooved.

I've never taped. I hope I will never have to. :)

Lucy said...

I usually use a few pairs of underwear. I haven't got the technique quite right just yet, 'cause while I can very easily hide the bulge, doing so painlessly is no so easy.

Also, I like how you refer to it as the neoclitoris :)