Friday, September 06, 2013

Will Nikki Make It Three For Three For Trans Marriage?

We have seen the successful resolution this year of the trans marriage cases of Ms. W in Hong Kong and Joanne Cassar in Malta.  Will Nikki Araguz make it three for three?

Been a while since I posted on Nikki's case, but she's alerted me that she's finally going to get her day in court concerning an appeal of her Delgado v Araguz marriage case and the unjust verdict Republican judge Randy Clapp handed down in Wharton two years ago. 

Turns out the Texas 13th District Court of Appeals appeals court in Corpus Christi (which is dominated by Democrats) will hear the appeal on September 18. 

I'm optimistic she'll have better luck at this level than she did in Randy Clapp's 329th district court.

Good luck Nikki!  Hope that the positive bend of the arc of moral universe that was moved by Ms. W and Joanne Cassar bends toward justice for you as well and erases that odious Littleton v Prange precedent forever. 

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