Sunday, September 08, 2013

Not All Like That Christians Project

I am a Christian, and one of the things I continue to point out is that there is a major difference between 'Big C' Christians and the neo-segregationalist bigoted azzholes who are hiding behind the Bible to pimp their transphobic and homophobic bigotry.

I also find it problematic because of those peeps who worship Conservagod, we have people in the LGBT and liberal progressive ranks who spend their days aiming their anger at liberal progressive Christian allies instead of calling our the lying Pharisees and Sagicees to their faces. 

Thanks to Mercedes Allen of Dented Blue Mercedes blog fame, I was pointed to an interesting website for you folks to check out who are tired of LGBT being misrepsesnted as Christan doctrine.  

And what better day to peruse it than on a Sunday?  You may wish to check out this site that is about and for Christians who believe in full TBLG equality.  

And y'all know Moni was going to provide the link for the Not All Christians Like That Project so y'all can check it out.

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