Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Computer Prime Is Finally Back Home!

And so am I from Oakland!

As many of you readers know, I have been dealing with Computer Prime being in the shop since August 29.  While it was there, I had to go to three different branches of the Houston Public Library to use their computers in order to keep the blog updated and keep you supplied with the fresh and on point commentary and posts you've grown to love   

Computer Prime being in the shop was a pain in the azz for me.  Nothing bothers a writer more than not being able to have the tools available to do what they love to do.   It was also a bad time for it to happen because there was a lot of breaking news and stories in Trans World while my computer was in the shop that I'll have to get caught up on. 

And not being able to write that idea at the moment of inspiration for it on the blog immediately was also maddening for me.

Thanks to those donations you peeps make on that TransGriot Tip Jar button in the upper left hand corner of the blog, I had the money to fix it.

As you know from the series of posts I wrote from Oakland, I was at the inaugural Trans* H4CK as a judge and the event was amazing.  I was sad when it was over and had to head to the airport for my 1:20 PM flight that I discovered upon arrival and getting through TSA security was oversold.  Since I had nothing planned for Monday night except watching the Steelers-Bengals Monday Night NFL game, I decided to volunteer and they needed my seat.  I finally got back to Houston from the Left Coast at 12:30 AM CDT this morning from Oakland via LAX.

While I was spending extra time in the Oakland airport waiting for the new flight I been rebooked to after being an oversale volunteer on my original 1:20 PM PDT nonstop departure, I called the shop to find out if Computer Prime was ready.   When I was told it was repaired I was happier than a Republican passing oppressive legislation.

I was there at the computer shop near Reliant Stadium not long after they opened this morning to pick up Computer Prime.  I'm in the process of reinstalling all my software, browser settings, et cetera all while jet lag is kicking my behind, but once I do so I will be getting some sleep.

And after I wake up from that nap, look out Net, the TransGriot's back online and back in 'bidness'!. 

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