Monday, September 09, 2013

Aww, Nice To Know Y'all Care About And Miss Me!

Yesterday morning got a call from Jeri Hughes in DC that awakened me out of a sound sleep.   She was calling to verify a rumor that had started inside I-495 that I was in Washington and had been jacked with in a local hotel. 

Jeri was puzzled by that because she knows from experience my standard operating procedure anytime I'm traveling to different parts of the country for events or even pleasure travel is to let local activists or trans people know at least 48-72 hours before my scheduled arrival is I will be in their area.

She was also worried along with Earline Budd that something DID happen to moi, but I told her I was comfortably in my bed in H-town and the only drama I faced was courtesy of a transphobic METRO bus rider I quickly put in his place.   It still didn't solve the mystery of the trans woman who really did get disrespected in DC, but they are on the case. 

Once she handled that business, Jeri asked if I was coming to DC for OUT on the Hill.   As of right now, nope won't be there unless a miracle happens, but I will be in Oaktown this weekend for the upcoming Trans*H4CK as a judge.  

Saturday afternoon got a call from my favorite Canadian blogger who got a little worried after she played phone tag with me for several days because I've had to leave the house and use the Houston Public Libray's computers until mine gets back from the shop.

After she teased me by threatening to fly down to Houston and kick my butt for not being in contact with her for the last week and a half, we were on the phone for an hour catching up on things.

Saturday night called my old roomies in Louisville to catch up with the latest happenings in their lives and during that hour long conversation was told that the folks at my old nail shop along with countless other people in the Louisville area are asking the 'How's Monica?' question.

This post is simply to say thank you.   I deeply appreciate knowing that y'all love me, care about me and my well being, and appreciate what I do on behalf of this community.

It's nice to know that even though it has been three years since I left Louisville and was bummed as I pointed the moving van down I-65 south feeling like I left a few things and projects unfinished and friends I'd made over the eight years I lived there behind, those of you I am blessed to stay in contact with tell me otherwise.

So yeah, it's nice to know y'all care about and miss me.

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