Thursday, September 19, 2013

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Loyd!

They had a few setbacks in getting their marriage license in Harris County last week no thanks to GOP Hater Attorney General Greg Abbott, Harris County Attorney General Vince Ryan (DINO who caved), and Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart (R) but after Nikki handled her Delgado v Araguz appeal hearing business in Corpus Christi, she tied the knot yesterday with her fiance William Loyd on the steps of the Nueces County Courthouse as Rev Michael Cruz performed the ceremony.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Will at the gallery and know for a fact he loves him some Nikki, and the feeling is mutual.   So while I'm bummed I wasn't in Corpus for all the fun, I couldn't be happier for both of them since I'm still wandering in the dating Sinai.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs Loyd!   May you have a long, happy and healthy marriage and Nikki, may you prevail in your just fight to have your (and our trans marriage rights in Texas) recognized. . 

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