Friday, September 27, 2013

Shut Up Fool Awards-Marissa's New Trial Edition

Marissa Alexander new trialHeard the wonderful news that Marissa Alexander, who has served three years of a 20 year sentence for 'standing her ground' by firing a warning shot during an argument with her estranged husband, will be getting a new trial.  

As NAACP president Ben Jealous said in statement, "From the streets to the courthouse, race continues to influence the judicial process, and it certainly seemed to have played a role here."

She should have never gone to jail in the first place, but better late than never for justice to hopefully be served in this case.  Angela Corey just needs to drop it and let Marissa go free since she's been punished enough for what happened.

It's Friday, and time for us to handle our usual business of determining what fool fools or group of fools deserve to have the the TransGriot spotlight shined upon them for their idiocy.

Honorable mention number one goes to Chuck Todd for parting his lips to say on MSNBC's Morning Joe that it wasn't his job to point out and debunk Republican lies.

Um dude, that's EXACTLY what you get paid to do as NBC's Political Director.  Even collegiate journalism students can tell you that it is a reporter's/journalist's responsibility to report the news, without bias or subjectivity.   Hell, it is the ENTIRE media's job to call out disinformation and lies from politicians, big business, law enforcement, academia, sports, entertainment....

If you won't do it, give me your job and I will because a functioning democracy requires journalists to do their jobs.

Honorable mention number two goes to Nevada Assembly minority leader Pat Hickey, who crowed in a recent radio interview that 2014 will be a big year for the GOP because 'minority and younger voters will not turn out'.    Yeah, that what y'all thought in 2012 and you saw what happened.

And you wonder why your party is headed in the Whig Party's direction.    

Honorable mention number three is for Sen. Ted Cruz (Teabagger-TX) for wasting the country's valuable time running his mouth on the Senate floor to so called filibuster a bill that he eventually voted for.   

Honorable mention number four goes to a person who shall remain nameless who posted a comment thread on my Facebook page discussing a The article about the racist BS that President Obama has had to deal with said this in dismissing the racism:

Using race as an excuse to do ANYTHING - is still racism. 

No racism = a dominant majority group using their prejudice and systemic power to retard or roll back the societal progress and upward mobility of a minority group.

But Jamie Jeans also was on point in his rebuttal.

"What he just said, since the coward just up and left, translated to dismissing any claim of racism as racism itself, so any claim of racism is racist, which is such stupid, toilet flushing circular logic that only the willfully blind and ignorant can proclaim."

Amen, Jamie.

Honorable mention number five is for Bryan Fischer and all the transphobic fools who engaged in internet bullying of Cassidy Campbell after she became the first ever out trans feminine homecoming queen.

Would love to see what your attitudes would be if it were one of your own kids that was transgender. 

The SUF winner this week is a joint award for former Coatesville (PA) Area School Superintendent Richard Como and former Director of Athletics and Activities Jim Donato.  Both of them let their inner bigots run wild and get themselves in serious trouble.  They both are facing a criminal investigation over shocking racist and sexist text messages that were found on their work cell phonesi

They run the gamut from all one of the men suggests that all African-Americans should have the N-word for their last racist and sexist rants while watching the Miss USA beauty pageant.  

Richard Como and Jim Donato, shut up fools! 

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