Monday, September 23, 2013

Another California Transwoman Murdered

Sad to report about another trans woman being murdered on the Left Coast.

26 year old Melony Smith was found dead in her Baldwin Park, CA motel room back on September 9.   The reason it took so long to find out is because once again, the trans person was misgendered by the po-po's.

Note to police: Pronouns are not necessarily pegged to the genitalia between the person's legs.  If you have a female bodied person with a penis, that's a hint an a half that you are dealing with a trans person and you need to ID her as a female or announce in your press releases the murder of a transgender female'.   It makes it much easier for the trans community or someone who knows her as that female bodied person to identify her. 

You also slow down your own investigations and lengthen your odds of arresting the perpetrators who committed the crimes by not doing so.

The alleged perp in this case, 28 year old Stephen Gonzales was already in jail on another charge, and was charged with murder and robbery in the Smith case, according to a felony complaint filed in Pomona Superior Court and a report in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.  Gonzales was also accused of the special, sentence-enhancing allegation of committing murder during the course of a robbery.

Rest in peace, Melony.  Let's hope that justice is served in this case.  

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