Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I Don't Like Bryan Fischer Bullying Cassidy, Either

If you thought I was kidding about the christohaters shifting tactics and aiming their vitriol at the trans community in the wake of them losing their war against the gay community and same gender marriage, more irrefutable evidence is piling up that we're being targeted. 

First there is the increasing anti-trans rhetoric from Fox Noise followed by the resistance put up in August by Texas and national transphobes to San Antonio adding gender identity and sexual orientation to their non-discrimination ordinance earlier this month followed by the announcement of California transphobes that they are going after the groundbreaking AB 1266 by gathering signatures to force a referendum to overturn the law.    

Now in the wake of Cassidy's historic win as homecoming queen in Huntington Beach, CA, the transphobic haters have come out and launched vicious attacks on her.   One of those transphobic haters has a radio frequency as his bully pulpit in Bryan Fischer.

The spokesidiot of the SPLC-certified hate group the American Fascist Family Association took time on his radio show to bully a 16 year teen.   How pathetic is that? 

We trans people don't have a psychological problem, we exist and are part of the diverse mosaic of human life that God created.   It is you who needs psychological help for being a pathological liar and transphobe that violates every known standard of morality and decency. 

Keep it up Bryan and transphobes.  The more you scream and yell, the more you make our case for the swift enactment of ENDA, and more state and local non-discrimination laws to protect trans Americans from hatemongers like you.and your friends.

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