Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cassidy's NoH8 Photo

Cassidy Lynn Campbell had a historic win back on September 20 when her Marina High School classmates voted her as their homecoming queen.  

She became the first ever out trans feminine student to accomplish that feat, but the joy was short lived as the clown car of transphobic haters and bullies, including NOM spokesbigot Bryan Fischer attacked her.

But that transphobic hate was met with a tsunami of love and support for Cassidy that included an invitation from NOH8 campaign photographer Adam Bouska to take part in a campaign photo shoot.

Cassidy, you were a queen before you even earned the sash and crown to go with it.   No matter how much vitriol the haters have flung at you, it still doesn't change the fact that you are and forever will be the Marina High homecoming queen and that a majority of your classmates voted for you to have that title.

You also have an international community of people who have your back. 

Congratulations on the photo shoot! 

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