Friday, September 20, 2013

Being A Transwoman IS Being A Woman

TransGriot Note: Guest post by Rebecca Desvignes Aeon.   

Being a transwoman is being a woman from the soul, spirit, mind and heart born in the wrong body.

Being a transwoman is not a choice you make, it's who you were born as from your first breath into this world.  Some recognize it early, some late, but you can't run from your truth.

Being a transwoman is not about dressing up as female one day and next day as a regular man, that's a crossdresser. A true from the soul transwoman is a woman that lives 24/7 as a woman.

Being a transwoman is wanting to live a simple life as any other woman.  She desires a Boyfriend / husband, a career, a home, a family, and a stable financial situation. We are not a shemale looking for sex 24/7. 

A shemale is not a transsexual woman, a.shemale is a porn performer surgically altered to look like a woman, for the sole purpose of making porn movies for money.  The words shemale, ladyboy, transvestite, he-she, crossdresser, et cetera is in no association whatsoever with a transsexual woman.  A transwoman is a woman period regardless of her private parts. 

A true woman is defined by her spiritual femininity, her ladylike characteristics, and feminine thoughts, not her private parts.

A true trans attracted man would never approach a transwoman verbally when attracted to her and label her as a shemale, ladyboy, dude, man, crossdresser, transvestite or he-she.  To do so means he does not view you as a woman.  A true trans attracted man would view you as a woman, potential girlfriend or wife and will proudly walk the streets in public hand in hand with you.

If a man is only willing to be with you if you had a vagina, or will if you have the SRS surgery, forget about him.  He does not recognize or appreciate your femininity, your mind and heart, and still subconsciously looks at you as a man.

If a man is only interested in you only if you are pre-operative and has an obsession with penises on a female figure and not your mind, heart and soul, get rid of him because you deserve better.

A true trans attracted man will see you as all woman regardless of being pre-operative or post-operative, will treat you as a woman, will see you as a potential girlfriend or wife, will proudly go everywhere with you and live with you openly regardless of their family or friends opinions.

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