Thursday, July 04, 2013

One Of The Killers Of Evon Young Convicted

Ashanti McalisterBilly Griffin's trial may have ended in a hung jury on June 17, but that wasn't the case for Ashanti Mcalister

The 18 year old Mcalister was one of the five men arrested and charged with the brutal murder of 22 year old transmasculine rapper Evon Young who went missing on New Year's Day.

Mcalister's trial started June 24 and he was found guilty of first degree intentional homicide on June 27.

With the conviction, Mcalister is facing a maximum life in prison sentence for the murder of Evon Young with the sentencing soon to come.  37 year old Ron Allen's trial in this case is now set to start on October 7.

23 year old Devin Seaberry plead guilty to a lesser charge of second degree reckless homicide on July 2 in return for their testimony against Griffin, Mcalister and Allen.   Seaberry will be sentenced on October 17.

Victor Stewart also plead guilty June 5 to second degree reckless homicide in exchange for his testimony against the other three defendants and will be sentenced on July 23.     

After having his first one declared a mistrial Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Jeffrey A. Wagner, Billy Griffin is facing a new trial that is scheduled to start September 16.

So if you're keeping score at home on how justice is being served in this Young case here's how its broken down so far.

Two defendants (Stewart and Seaberry) have plead guilty to second degree reckless homicide and have yet to be sentenced.  Mcallister has been convicted of first degree intentional homicide and yet to be sentenced.  Ron Allen is still awaiting trial for first degree intentional homicide, and Billy Griffin was tried, a mistrial was declared and he will have to face the judicial music again.

I will be keeping track of this Evon Young case until all the defendant have been sentenced to do the time for this heinous crime.  

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