Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TransGriot Diamond Williams Philly Vigil Statement

The Speakout and Vigil in Philadelphia's LOVE Park for Diamond Williams is happening as I post this, and I was asked by Sade Ali last night to compose a statement she would read for me at this event. 


To the family of Diamond Williams, the Philadelphia trans community, our allies, friends and supporters.

I wish I could be there with you tonight instead of in Houston to give you comforting hugs, dry your tear-soaked eyes, and stand with you in your hour of great sorrow.

But what I can do is offer my words and hope they are adequate for the herculean task.

As a representative of the national trans community, I offer my deep condolences to the Williams family and the community for the loss of their loved one.

The trans community in the United States and internationally shares your loss, grieves with you at this difficult time and hopes that justice will be done at the appointed time.

As the national and international trans community offers its prayers for your loss, we also pray for the expeditious end of anti-trans violence aimed at us here in Philadelphia, the United States and the rest of the world.

We also pray that one day, trans people in Philadelphia and around the world will be able to do what was written 237 years ago in the Declaration of Independence in terms of us being able to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We also pray for the day that the human rights and humanity of transpeople in Philadelphia and around the world are not disposable items subject to debate by a tyranny of the majority, but an established fact.

God bless you all,
Your sister in the trans human rights struggle,
Monica Roberts
The TransGriot

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