Saturday, July 20, 2013

Here's How NOT To Respond

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                       Because the First Lady of Marvel is not here for your foolishness.

TransGriot Note: In the wake of the Zimmerman unjust verdict the polarized conversations around it have been taking place over the last week and the 'Two Americas' that John Edwards talked about have reared their head in it.

Denny wrote this post back in June, but it's definitely apropos and recommended reading as a guide to navigating what's sure to be a contentious Internet environment for the next few weeks.

Underscoring the points our fearless leader RVCBard made in the recent comments policy post, I’m sharing two responses I made on my Facebook page which explain HOW NOT to reply to a minority when we’re discussing the oppressions we endure.

Word of warning to white people everywhere. One of the most disgusting and deplorable of acts of racism that you can ever commit is to lecture a black person or for that matter any person of color, on how they should judge perceive and judge racism or any other cultural issue or oppression they face as a minority.
Understand that if you choose to engage in this behavior, it will not end well…..for you.

The fact that you have the unmitigated gall to think that you can sit from a place of privilege, police someone on their life experiences, their culture and the oppressions they endure, situations that you have never faced and will never face, reflects unbridled ignorance, malice, narcissism and bigotry. It’s also a red flag that you might be a sociopath.

If you ignore a person of color’s repeated warning to educate yourself on an issue and to disengage from the discussion, because its been established that you are speaking from ignorance, and said POC already knows where this derailed train is headed, such is your privilege.

But also understand that you when you rightfully get taken to task, read the riot act and illustrated as another example of everyday white supremacy, you don’t get to complain, you don’t get to cry. That humiliation and crushing defeat? On you.

Also, harassing me in PMs after the fact, not the smartest move. Because then the gloves are really coming off and I will really give you something to cry about. As a few individuals learned this weekend.

Pro-tip: Anytime you tell a black person, or any other person of color that you won’t care about racism or the oppression their facing until they do x. y, and z pretty much displays the white supremacist mindset you’re running with right there.

So don’t act shocked if you get lumped in with all the other “bad white people” when you make comments like that.

Because I guarantee you if someone said they wouldn’t care about homophobia or any issue affecting white people until x y and z are met, that ish wouldn’t fly for you.

If you’re sitting from a place of privilege and we have to win your empathy on your terms, then you’re no ally of ours and you’ve given us every reason to write you off as another bigot.

Please heed these warnings, or don’t. But when you get handed your ass for showing yours, don’t act like you weren’t warned.

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