Sunday, July 28, 2013

Texas Drag Icon Whitney Paige Dies

We Texans have already dealt with the shocking death of Erica Andrews to a lung infection back in March. 

I'm unfortunately just now finding out the news that another one of our iconic female illusionists in Whitney Paige has passed away .

Whitney was born in Little Rock, AR raised in Tennessee and eventually moved to the DFW area and lived there for over two decades.  The Fort Worth based Paige was nicknamed 'The Eyes Of Texas' for those hypnotic grey eyes of hers. 

While I never met Whitney, I was aware of her as because her career started back in the 80's,   Paige was immensely popular in Dallas, Houston and other parts of the state and in the female illusionist world as the outpouring of grief that ensued after her death was a testament to how beloved she was. 

Paige held a long list of titles that included winning Miss Gay USofA at Large, Miss Gay USofA Classic and most recently Miss Continental Plus 2013 in addition to being a runner up for Entertainer of the Year twice.

Paige passed away June 25 after a valiant battle with pancreatic cancer.  A memorial service was held June 30 at Fort Worth's Rainbow Lounge and this memorial video popped up to pay tribute to her as well.

Rest in peace and power, Whitney.  You are going to be missed by all the people who loved you inside and outside the community  

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